DoVille has launched!

Enjoy Your Holiday Retreat On The Beach In The Oasis Of ‘Doville’ Exclusively Departing To VR-Destinations
Juniper Beach Offers Blissful Relaxation To Everyone!

San Francisco, CA, September 20th 2021: Project Whitecard, Award-winning developer of immersive applications specializing in Virtual Reality is proud to announce the Early Access release of Doville Episode 1: Juniper Beach, a blissful VR gaming retreat designed exclusively for STEAM™ and Oculus® Quest devices offering to the tired and weary the quintessential VR holiday dream. You are hereby invited to take a stroll on the beach, to solve a puzzling mystery, and to go waterskiing and enjoy life in an oasis of fun with activities suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. 
Game Trailer:
Doville is a first-person game designed to have a positive effect on cognition; using cutting-edge research and technology, it was designed as an immersive and compelling experience meant to be played regularly featuring ‘whodunnit’ capers, mini-games, exploration, relaxation, and fun. In Juniper Beach, the series’ first installment, your vacation dream comes true featuring a low poly beach and sleuthing adventure. Go skinny-dipping, water skiing or go for a ride in the hot-air balloon. You can become hero of the day by catching a mysterious art thief or simply decide that what you need is a cold drink and an extended warm stay in the sun. Whatever you do, the easy-to-use activities are suitable to anyone needing a well-deserved break! 
Doville is still being improved and the full version will offer additional rides to play and an expansion of the existing environment. Juniper Beach includes more than a dozen rides to try out and the developer is actively seeking input from players on requests for improvements and ideas for great activities and fun games to include in upcoming chapters of the series. 
Doville is available from here:




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