doVille Adventures

DoVille Adventures, by Project Whitecard Digital, is a virtual reality application crafted specifically with the hope to have a positive effect on cognition. Using cutting-edge research, we have crafted a platformer in VR to be distributed on the self-contained Oculus Go. Doville Adventures is a first-person immersive ‘trip,’ meant to be played regularly, in which whodunit capers, mini-games, and a tracked user program, borne out by real research, all contribute to create a positive benefit with repeated use.

While still remaining a fun VR experience for everyone, DoVille Adventures builds on the team’s groundbreaking work with interactive VR (a teen driving simulation), and has engaged scientists over the last year to provide direction. The team is confident we are at the forefront of shaping VR’s effects to facilitate an increase in hippocampal brain volume, which has fascinating potential and proven benefits.