• DoVille has launched!

    San Francisco, CA, September 20th 2021: Project Whitecard, Award-winning developer of immersive applications specializing in Virtual Reality is proud to announce the Early Access release of Doville Episode 1: Juniper Beach, a blissful VR gaming retreat designed exclusively for STEAM™ and Oculus® Quest devices offering to the tired and weary the quintessential VR holiday dream.
  • Project Whitecard scientific report reveals positive impacts of virtual reality (VR) on senior population

    In the middle of a pandemic, Project Whitecard continues to create technologies and resources designed to improve the quality of life of seniors.

    The leading developer of virtual reality (VR), serious games, and interactive applications, is dedicated to creating novel uses of technology that better the world and universe, with respect for all lives, everywhere.
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  • DoVille Hubs Subscription

    With a DoVille Hubs subscription, you can make private rooms and invite your friends or family. Share 3D objects, images, screens, videos, webcams, and whatever you want to enhance your experience.
  • DoVille Steam VR Beta Registration

    Have a boomer in your life? Have VR?
    Maybe you are a boomer. We are testing DoVille right now, because we designed it to improve your mind. Apply for the beta group now.
  • Save the mountain!

    In Bigfoot Mountain, the player must explore a winter holiday spot and solve a mystery by using vehicles, items, visiting locales around the resort and conversing with other characters they encounter.
  • Take a trip back in time

    In Dino Gulch, the player must explore a combination of wild west, dinosaur robbery to restore harmony back to the town, the terrain, the dinosaurs, and the indigenous people.