Project Whitecard scientific report reveals positive impacts of virtual reality (VR) on senior population



In the middle of a pandemic, Project Whitecard continues to create technologies and resources designed to improve the quality of life of seniors.

The leading developer of virtual reality (VR), serious games, and interactive applications, is dedicated to creating novel uses of technology that better the world and universe, with respect for all lives, everywhere.

Project Whitecard staff are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get the DoVille care program into the hands of seniors. DoVille, forever young, forever fun, the VR therapy for seniors promises to bring a sense of joy and much needed interaction to a population that will benefit from this technology now more than ever.

We are waiting for the senior care homes to open. The testing was done, the scientific paper results released. This is technology to do positive good for people. There's acceptance of VR by older adults, especially now with the pandemic situation they're afraid of being cut off,” said founder and CEO of Project Whitecard, Khal Shariff.

We'd love to get VR to seniors in isolation. It's a relief for them. Cognitively we have proof that it works. We can facilitate that.”

To determine the effects of the virtual reality experience aimed at improving quality of life, Project Whitecard launched a research study last year with University of Manitoba report researchers Ali Tavakoli, Bruce Bolster, and Mandana Modirrousta.

Brightwater Senior Living was the first to hold the VR scientific trials for residents with an interest in learning more about the DoVille experience, giving them an opportunity to explore an innovative user-friendly technology. The nine-member Project Whitecard team worked with Brightwater Senior Living residents to hold VR scientific trials. Qualifying participants with an interest in learning more about this VR experience were given an opportunity to explore its innovative user-friendly technology. Individuals between the ages of 60 and 85 from a number of senior residences participated in the study. The research examined the effect that playing a VR computer game had on older peoples' spatial and navigation abilities.

Participants chose from a variety of activities including everything from downhill skiing to going on a dinosaur safari.

With an estimated 44 million people affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease worldwide, there is increasing awareness of these conditions and urgency in finding effective treatments and therapies to prevent or stall the progression.

DoVille Adventures is a Virtual Reality (VR) application with proven efficacy in stimulating the hippocampus, a region of the brain responsible for the formation of new memories. An accompanying white paper on training with VR for registered nurses is being developed right now. The science behind DoVille is compelling. There is evidence that brain volume, including that of the hippocampus, decreases with advancing age. However, it has been discovered that the hippocampus is one of the few brain structures that continues to generate new cells.

DoVille takes residents back in time to familiar positive experiences that provide a welcome break from current realities. There is a large body of evidence that certain activities, including physical exercise, social engagement, and participating in cognitively challenging activities, is “neuroprotective,” i.e. that it can delay or prevent cognitive decline in older individuals, and in certain cases delay the onset of dementia in vulnerable individuals.

DoVille provides innovative Virtual Reality therapy that offers joy and holds the promise of improvement to long-term care residents and families. The quick-start program allows a facility to be up and running with the programming in very little time. DoVille is a registered trademark for virtual reality video game software offering training to care facilities for cognitive therapy for seniors.

Shariff summarized, “I can't think of anything more rewarding than making virtual reality for older adults."

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A copy of the report may be downloaded here.


Project Whitecard Digital is doing scientific research on DoVille Adventures.

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